How to Find Type Beats: Methods for Finding Beats Similar to an Artist’s Style


Type beats refer to beats that resemble the style of a specific artist. In this article, we will introduce ways to efficiently find type beats.

What are type beats?

Type beats are songs or beats created to resemble the musical style of a certain artist. This allows musicians to gain inspiration for their own song production, and they can even release songs using those beats.

How to find type beats

Search on YouTube

YouTube is an ideal place to search for type beats. Simply type “[artist name] type beat” into the search bar, and you’ll see numerous beats similar to that artist’s style.

Use SoundCloud

SoundCloud is also useful for finding type beats. As with YouTube, enter “[artist name] type beat” into the search bar and check the results.

Utilize beat-selling websites

Websites like BeatStars and Airbit are also helpful for finding type beats. On these sites, you can search by artist name and purchase beats similar to their style.

Search on social media

By following type beat producers on Twitter or Instagram, you can quickly check their latest works. Search using the hashtag “#[artist name]typebeat” to find related posts.


Efficient ways to find type beats include searching on YouTube and SoundCloud, utilizing beat-selling websites, and following producers on social media. Try these methods to find beats similar to an artist’s style!

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