Freestyle Rap Practice: Using Type Beats for Practice


Hello to all of you who are practicing rap! In this blog, we’ll discuss how to use type beats for practicing freestyle rap. Let’s share information that is helpful for rap practice.

How to practice using type beats:

  1. Catch the rhythm in accordance with the type beat In freestyle rap, it is important to catch the rhythm according to the beat. Start by practicing simple phrases repeatedly while keeping time with the type beat.
  2. Combine words spontaneously and rhyme The essence of freestyle rap is creating lyrics by combining words spontaneously. Rap by combining rhymes that come to mind while keeping time with the beat.
  3. Hone your listening skills Listen to other rappers’ freestyle raps and learn how they combine words according to the beat. By improving your listening skills, the range of your rap will also expand.
  4. Increase the frequency of practice To improve your freestyle rap skills, it is important to increase the frequency of practice. By practicing every day, even a little, your sense of beat and word combination skills will improve.
  5. The advantage of practicing with type beats rather than existing beats Of course, practicing with existing beats is important, but type beats provide a practice platform with beats that don’t have any basic rap on them. Rapping to an unfamiliar song can be a good practice as well.

Utilize these methods and enjoy practicing freestyle rap with type beats! Lastly, it is important to find your own style through practice. Keep challenging yourself with new things and build your unique rap style.

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